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#3 / Marezza Stronghold Rock at the Racìadi islands, Mediterranean Sea, Italy.



Marezza is a rocky island of the Mediterranean Sea distant 1,5 km from the mainland. The stronghold is the result of many architectural overlaps. The first fortress, known as “serraglio”, was built around the 850 AC and it was enlarged several times. The upper structure was accomplished in 1640. At the end of the 19th century the island was taken over by the Italian Navy, the light house and the small port houses were realized in those years.


(1) The island is officially uninhabited, the touristic activities are open only in the summer. (2) The line on the wall shows the height of the first fortress. (3) The tree behind the harbor master’s office is the biggest of the island and it was planted during the construction of the small port. (4) The promenade is a small track that it runs around the island passing over the cave of the Turk. (5) (6) Streets and walls are built directly into the natural stone.

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Scoglio di Forte Marezza Poster
Scoglio di Forte Marezza Poster by Oonirico


sea Rocks and Strongholds of South Italy

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The Set “Islands of Italy” continues with:

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*It is not true, this place does not exist.

The 100% orginal fake is only oonirico.com

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