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#2 / the river Boulder of Passoselvio, central Apennines, Italy.



Passoselvio was established by the Romans in the I century BC as a military district to protect the bridge over the river Fregio. During the middle-age it was an important crossing point and a place for the night rest of the merchants. The core of the village, with the inn and the church leans over a huge boulder, placed right in the center of the canyon. The block is what remains of the right side of the hill after its collapse in 1891.


(1) The Saint Christopher aedicula lays on the corner of the Medieval tower of the toll-house now incorporated into the inn, the outline of the tower is still recognizable. (2) A covered passage under the inn connects the street to the church behind. (3) The Chapel of the Herdsman was a famous reference place for all the breeders of the region. (4) The base of the Roman lookout-post is still visible in the impost of the bridge. (5) The name of the new bridge comes from the Queen consort Lucia di Croazia. (6) Even if the collapse of 1891 was an expected event due to the erosion of the river under the houses, 52 displaced persons were forced to leave their village permanently.

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Il Sasso di Passoselvio Poster
Il Sasso di Passoselvio Poster by Oonirico


Mountain villages of Center Italy, gallery

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*It is not true, this place does not exist.

The 100% orginal fake is only oonirico.com

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