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The architectures of Pinocchio

A possible reconstruction of the architectures described in the original Carlo Collodi’s novel “Le avventure di Pinocchio. Storia di un burattino” (The adventures of Pinocchio), 1881.



(1) The original Italian text describes the flat as a sottoscala so an “under-stairs room”, the poorest kind of dwellings. ~ (2) (3) Tuscan traditional materials and furniture of the working class, see a visual here. ~ (4) Architectural elements of the Tuscan Mannerism and Eclecticism from the Historical Villas around Lucca, homeland of Collodi (see some examples here). ~ (5) (6) Tuscan style furniture of the 19th century. ~ (7) Decoration of a wanderer Theater and relative bandwagon, see an old example here. ~ (8) The hut made of straw was a very common kind of building in the mountain areas of Italy (see more here). ~ (9) The board shows a typical town square of Tuscany.

 (10) The room with mother-of-pearl walls sections placed over its location in the Fairy’s Chalet elevation.

room_half copia_xs

(11) The characters are inspired to the Carlo Chiostri’s illustrations, made for the second edition of the book dated 1901, see his original illustrations here. 

personaggio copia


The Architectures of Pinocchio Poster
The Architectures of Pinocchio Poster by Oonirico


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