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#1 / Sant’Ilario Island, Vaore Lake, Northern Italy.



Sant’Ilario is a small island of the Vaore Lake, in the north of Italy. The first settlements go back to the 1st millennium b.C. when it was a small fishing village made of stilt houses. Throughout the ages was used as fortress and for the farm fishing. The mansion was built in 1721 by Dolfo Mardeschi, Count of Vaore, extending a preexisting villa under the supervision of the local architect Tiziano Bardòn.


(1) Some architectural elements remaining from the previous building: the arch-doors of the central part, it is clear a Venetian stylistic influence. (2) The Chalet of the wharf shows a very unusual Breton style. (3) The Chapel of Sant’Ilario still displays its original frescoes. (4) The medieval storehouse of the fort was use as a stable in the subsequent centuries. (5) In the In 1789, during the construction of the Eastern gardens the ancient pools of the fish-farm and the wharf were destroyed. (6) The Peacock lodge is an Eclectic style alteration of the early XX century, designed by the Milanese artist Vittorio Deperi Ponti.

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Lake islands of North Italy, gallery.

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*It is not true, this place does not exist.

The 100% orginal fake is only oonirico.com

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