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Case Cantoniere delle Regioni d’Italia*

An overview, region by region, of the most characteristic and typical road inspector’s “red houses” made all along the Italian state highway from the early years of the Kingdom to the post-war Republic.


(1) Pontesacco’s level crossing is the narrower of Italy, it is only 2,25 mt wide. (2) The one of Venago was the only mechanical clock ever installed in a A.S.A.S. building. (3) The lanterns of the River Stations could be raised up to twelve meters over the river. (4) The T.I.N. vertex of Poggio Cacciaro is one of the most important geographical reference of the peninsula. (5) The Porto Fassoreto’s coal cellar was the first one to be settled along the Adriatic coast road. (6) The entrance to the Bosco Rosella’s Samnites necropolis archaeological park was open in 1939. (7) The meteorological station of Pietrasanta’s mountain pass is located at 1614 mt over the sea level. (8) Coltezzo is the biggest dam of the southern Italy. (9) The wood-burning ovens of Campo San Ponzio are still used by the local people.

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Case Cantoniere delle Regioni d'Italia Poster
Case Cantoniere delle Regioni d’Italia Poster by Oonirico



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*It is not true, this place does not exist.

The 100% orginal fake is only

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