Venice in 1757 (first set)


Paper craft, free download.

Venice in 1757*

First set made of ready-to-cut architectural paper craft models of 18th century Venetian buildings directly inspired on the Canaletto’s views. A4 format, download it now here below.

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Free Download VENICE 1757 in A4



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Venice, gallery



*It is not true, this place does not exist.

The 100% orginal fake is only

14 thoughts on “Venice in 1757 (first set)

  1. Absolutely superb models with great graphics. This is the best set of card models I have seen in the last years. Looks really “handmade”.

    Outstanding work. Thanks for giving this set to the community.

    Peter Wehrhahn


  2. This is absolutly breathtaking, many thanks for offering it as a free download! I remember art courses in school, where I would have received an “A”-grade only for bringing this even without building it. Great stuff – once again: thank You!


  3. …. indeed a brillant set of paper-designs! The set makes me a bit »jealous« …. 🙂
    Thank you for making it available! … and I’m looking for a sequel also … 🙂

    Best regards
    Thomas Pleiner


  4. Hi! Really amazing stuff, and i Live near venice so believe me! Actually, I would like to print your buildings to fit in my 28 mm war games. What scale should I use when printing? At what scale are they designed? Thank you!


  5. Are they designed to be assembled into street scenes or as stand alone models? If as street scenes is their a plan for placement? Truly wonderful set of drawings!


    1. You can assemble them along the streets (calli) and/or around the squares (campi) and/or along canals just like the real ones. Thanks a lot, Fred!


  6. A truly wonderful set. Looking forward to start building them. Is there any more sets besides set one and two? Do you have a street plan according to where each building goes?


  7. It’s GREAT !! :). Thank You very much. My wife asked me if I can’t do her Venice. Your building realy help me to do this. I hope that You’ll do more similar here. Best wishes from Poland :).


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